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In order to ensure accurate gene expression analyses, it is important that the tissue samples being collected for RNA extraction are properly preserved. Once a sample is drawn, RNA can become extremely unstable. This is largely due to the presence of ribonucleases (RNAse) that break down the RNA molecules. RNase contamination can come from human skin and dust particles, which can carry bacteria and molds. It is essential to use gloves, use only RNAse-free work areas and equipment, and preserve the samples quickly.

We have two kits that can help you collect the best samples possible:


Concerned about preserving your tissue samples to prevent RNA degradation? Are you collecting field samples for RNA, but dragging heavy, easily spilled drawers of dangerous liquid nitrogen with you for preservation? A better method is to use the EcoArray Tissue Sample Collection Kit. This kit requires no special handling, reduces cross-contamination and preserves tissue samples for up to three days at room temperature. For longer preservation (or on hot days), store the collected tissues in the stabilizing solution on ice, and then place in your -20 degrees C freezer when you return to the lab. Everything you need to collect tissue for RNA is contained in one convenient kit: RNase-free weighing boat and forceps, sterile scalpel, a 5.0 ml tube containing 4.0 ml of RNA stabilizing solution, and complete directions. For best results, use one kit per tissue type per specimen. Simply place the sample in the weighing boat, dice it into pieces with a maximum thickness of 5 mm in one dimension, and put it in the solution. Each 4.0 ml of tissue stabilizing solution (one kit) can preserve approximately 400 mg of tissue.


Pricing: Approximately $15/kit but volume discounts apply. Please contact us.


Is your species of interest endangered, protected, or just too valuable to sacrifice for tissue sampling? The answer may be the EcoArray Blood Sample Collection Kit. We can process total RNA from whole blood samples with no need to fractionate out the buffy coat (although this is an alternate way to process samples, if desired). This kit comes complete with directions, a 10 ml blood draw tube containing K3-EDTA anticoagulant, a transfer pipet, and enough RNA stabilizing solution to preserve up to 10 ml of whole blood. If you want or need to preserve less than 10 ml whole blood at a time, this kit can be scaled down. Use no less than 2.6 ml RNA stabilizing solution per 1 ml of anticoagulated whole blood. As with our tissue collection kit, stabilized blood may be kept at room temperature for three days, but freezing at -20 degrees C is recommended.


Pricing: Approximately $15/kit but volume discounts apply.

Please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or this form for more information

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