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Glass Slide Oligonucleotide Microarrays

ecolabbarbEcoArray has developed microarrays in several aquatic species to investigate environmental toxicology. The genes relevant to each species have been annotated and carefully curated. During our research and development of these arrays, we discovered that multiple probes designed for a specific gene do not respond equally (See Larkin et al, 2007).  Therefore, EcoArray decided to spot only the best probe per gene, which serves the dual purposes of providing broad genome coverage while keeping the cost low. The genes are part of a wide variety of biological pathways and processes including: reproduction, cell communication, metabolism, homeostasis, and others.

These probes for each gene are spotted onto microarrays created for EcoArray by Agilent Technologies, a leading supplier of genomics and proteomics products.  Using their SurePrint inkjet deposition of in situ synthesized 60-mer oligonucleotides, these arrays are manufactured on superior quality 1” x 3” (24.2 mm x 76.2 mm) treated glass slides for overall excellent performance.  This process minimizes variability across each production lot (batch to batch) and provides the highest consistency in slide-to-slide comparisons.  All of the glass slide microarrays are designed for either a two-color  (cyanine-3 and cyanine-5) or one-color (cyanine-3) labeling reaction, the most reliable and sensitive methods for detecting differentially expressed genes.


  • "4-pack" contains 22,000 genes, each probe spotted in duplicate. Four microarrays per glass slide. EcoArray released this microarray to the research community in August 2006.
  • "8-pack" contains 15,208 of the most-well annotated genes from the 22K microarray The genes are spotted one-time only, and each glass slide contains eight microarrays.

BASS (Micropterus salmoides and dolomieu) MICROARRAY


These microarrays are sold in two different package configurations:

The Complete Package: With the complete package, you receive not only the arrays, but also complete sample processing in our laboratory. The package includes preparation and quality checks of the RNA samples, labeling with cyanine dyes, hybridization, scanning, quantitative estimates of gene expression with Agilent’s Feature Extraction software, and basic analyses with GeneSpring software. You will receive an EcoArray CD with the scanned images and metrics, raw data, analyzed data (graph, etc.), instructions on use of the databases, and customer support. Please contact EcoArray for a quote. EcoArray will run a minimum of one slide for you, regardless of format.

The Array Only Package: This package is intended for researchers who are very familiar with RNA extraction, target labeling and who have access to the specialized equipment (hybridization oven and chambers, and a high resolution 5 micron platform scanner) necessary for processing arrays. Please contact EcoArray for authorization to purchase the arrays directly from Agilent. The minimum number of arrays that must be purchased and run is determined by Agilent.

Labeling, Hybridization, and Washing:  The recommended protocols for these arrays is, of course, that recommended by Agilent.  The best results are achieved using their optimized reagents and kits. For a complete table or required and recommended protocols and equipment

Please contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or this form for academic or commercial pricing.

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